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Welcome to Meridian Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten 


The Montessori method of learning is designed to encourage social interaction for a group of multi aged children.

 Children reinforce their own learning by repetition of work and internal feelings of success. The Montessori method emphasizes becomming aware of one's abilities and social development.

 The younger children are motivated by seeing what the older children can do. This becomes a wonderful mentoring relationship between the older and younger children, from which a genuine respect grows.

Our classrooms are bright and exciting prepared environments for learning. The children have the freedom to explore all the different learning areas of the classroom. 

The classrooms are designed with child sized funiture and shelves arranged with many different learning materials. The children learn from direct contact with multi-sensory highly organized sets of graduated materials.  The children work at their own pace and desire on the activities.